Creative Techfest’s RoboSlam at Google

roboslam-volunteer-team-at-googleThis year’s Creative Techfest was held at Google’s Dublin headquarters, and RoboSlam was there to to celebrate. Our team of volunteers–DIT staff and undergraduate engineering students alike–helped 18 school kids build their first robots using the Arduino Nano robot design developed by Ted Burke.

Ted has really streamlined this design, and the kids assembled the robots with relative ease, which left plenty of time for racing robots around the track we’d set up at Google.

The event was held on November 4, 2016 and was the RoboSlam’s second appearance at Creative Techfest.

_dsc1363The teacher of six of the students even stayed after to learn about programming, so that she could follow up with her students the next week, to teach them a bit of coding. She’d never programmed before, but was game to try. Gotta love that winning spirit!

Here’s to Megan Depinna of Gateway Youth Project–our hats go off to you! We love your passion for your work!






About shannonchance

Shannon Chance, PhD, LEED-AP, Registered Architect Marie Curie Research Fellow at UCL and Lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology
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