A remote control bot

It is possible to add a low cost remote control option to the the RoboSlam bot using a pair of NRF24L01+ radio modules. Typically these cost around 4 Euro per pair and are readily available on the Internet. The NRF24L01 radio module communicates with the host MCU (the MSP430) using SPI. The wiring diagram for this bot is as follows:
There are various software libraries available on the Internet that manage the SPI link between the radio and the MSP430. The software used in this case is available here: msp430_nrf24l01 code
The other side of the communications link consisted of an Intel Galileo Gen 2 with an NRF24L01 module attached as shown below. The Galileo also served as a wireless access point allowing a user to control the bot using a web browser.


The Galileo software ran inside node.js and is available here:Intel Galileo Node.js code

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