RoboSlam robot for Dublin Maker 2016


We’re thrilled to be bringing RoboSlam to Dublin Maker 2016 (Merrion Square, Dublin, Saturday 23rd July 2016). We’ve had a stand at Dublin Maker for the last two years and it’s an amazing event. This year, like last year, we’ll be asking members of the public to try their hand at building a real programmable robot using the ultra low-cost RoboSlam kit (currently approximately 15 euro per robot) and some simple instructions.

We recently switched to an Arduino-based circuit and we’ve made some additional modifications to the mechanical design especially for Dublin Maker, including a lovely plastic bowl chassis (from EuroGeneral). I’ve been testing the new design to make sure everything works correctly and this short video shows the test robot navigating its way around the RoboSlam arena.

At one point, I rested my phone in the robot while it was driving to see the arena from its perspective. Apologies for the sound – it turns out it’s noisier than I thought to hitch a ride with the RoboSlam robot!

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