CopyCat in Action

The first three ArcadeSlam sessions were a success, with a total of 52 students participants assembling CopyCat electronic game boards alongside a number of smiling and enthusiastic teachers. Some of the teachers even pitched in with the teaching (as pictured below). Many thanks to them for enrolling their classes to study electronics and being there to help!

Unlike RoboSlam robot-building workshops (where the robots operate themselves during the culminating competition), in CopyCat, the competitor has to concentrate until the very end. That’s because each competitor must try to copy the sequence of flashing lights, and whoever can copy the longest sequence is declared winner.

Sophia snagged the award in the opening workshop of CopyCat–demonstrating solid memory and nimble fingers!

Once again, our DIT undergraduate students who are studying electrical, electronic, and/or computer engineering stepped up to the plate and helped us deliver a series fun learning events where every school student left with a working electronic device.



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