Asssembly of Slambot.


These are the components for the chassis that you will find in your pack.


The first thing that you need to do is prepare to place the motors on the base plate. First, carefully place a motor so that it clears the two large holes on either side.


Mark the location of the axle.


Use a marker to mark the line of the axle across the base plate.


Place some double sided tape on top and bottom of both motors (with axle at side)


Remove the backing on the four pieces of tape.


Using the two really small nuts and bolts, fix the caster onto the front metal bracket.


Now assemble the motors and chassis frame – be sure to add the metal bracket before fixing the nuts!


With the bracket in place, fix the nuts.


The top pieces for motors will bend slightly.


Insert the spacer on to axle.


Next add the wheel plus a plastic “washer” on outside of wheel. This is fixed by carefully screwing in the self tapping screw through the washer and into the tiny hole provided in the axle.


That’s the basic chassis taken care of. Next up is fixing the breadboard, programming circuit and battery pack.


Cut out four small and one long piece of double-sided sticky tape.


Place the four small pieces on the circular pads on the underside of the programming board, peel the top layer and stick the programming board to the underside of the chassis.


Place the larger piece of double-sided on the underside of the white breadboard containing  your circuit and stick it on the top of the chassis between the wheels.


The holes in chassis on either side of the breadboard are primarily for passing cables through as needed.


Tie a white plastic cable tie through these holes and around both breadboard and programming board.

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