How do I buy RoboSlam?

Roboslam parts have been sourced from various suppliers to keep costs to a minimum.  The list below changes the approach slightly in that it tries to keep the number of suppliers to a minimum instead while still maintaining a low price.  Some of the components ship in packs of 10 or more so the kit price below is based on a user buying kits in blocks of 10. Some components such as rolls of wire, packs of diodes etc. come in such units that they can supply a lifetime’s worth of building.
Orders from can take up to a month to deliver however shipping is free
Other suppliers such as Farnell offer similar products and ship for free if you order more than €20 worth of components
Other possible supplier: Rapid electronics

Discalimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that these components are suitable for constructing a RoboSlam kit. The author does not accept responsibility for
variations in component specifications and prices. Please provide feedback if you encounter a problem so the community can benefit from your experience.

Component URL Quantity for set of 10 Supplier Cost for a set of 10 Per Robot Cost Notes
MSP430 Launchpad 5 Radionics 5*10.29=51.45 5.145 One Launchpad per pair of robots
MSP430G2553 micro (pack of 5) 1 Radionics 12.38 2.476 One per pair of robots (Launchpad already contains one)
Motor driver (pack of 25) 0.5 pack Radionics 32.30 1.292 (see note) This pack will be sufficient for more than 20 robots (and 5 spares)
Diodes (pack of 100) 1 pack Radionics 3.33 (for a pack of 100) 0.033 One pack of these will be enough for approx 100 kits.
Breadboard 10 24.10 2.41 Bulk discount possible
Distance sensor 10 21.30 2.13 Bulk discount possible
Resistors (selection of 400) 1 pack 2.83 0.283 This collection of resistors can be used to build MANY robots. Bulk discount possible
LED’s (pack of 10) 2 packs 2*1.29=2.58 0.258 Bulk discount possible
Motors and wheels 20 20*4.41=88.20 8.82 Bulk discount possible
Capacitors (pack of 10) 2 packs 2*2.10=4.20 0.42 Bulk discount possible
Battery holder (pack of 10) 1 7.37 0.737
Colour sensor (pack of 10) 1 pack 3.44 0.344

Total cost for 10 Robots: 253.48
Cost per robot (in lots of 10): 24.348


You may have wire in your laboratory or workshop. Radionics ship a range of single core, tinned copper wire such as this. Each spool of 100m costs €8.50 (+VAT). You might decide to buy several colours or just the one.
Radionics will charge VAT and a small delivery charge provides free delivery and does not add VAT (VAT may be imposed by customs if the order amount is large)


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