Newpark RoboSlam Design

Members of the Coder Dojo in Newpark Comprehensive School in Blackrock, Co. Dublin will soon be beginning work on their RoboSlam robots. Our 1-day workshops normally include the construction of rough mechanical bodies for the robots using balsa wood or similar, but something much more exciting is in store for the Newpark robots. John O’Neill who is in charge of Engineering (and Coder Dojo) in Newpark has created a fantastic design which I’ve just seen the first photos of – it looks absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait to get started on these robots.

For several decades, Newpark has been leading the way in engineering education at secondary level. They have always had a great engineering workshop, but once the construction of their impressive new school building is complete, their facilities for technical learning are going to be second to none.

The centrepiece of this elegant robot design is a chassis that’s laser cut and thermoformed. The CD wheels are mounted on custom fittings, manufactured using a CNC lathe. A front caster completes the mechanical design.

Here are some photos, courtesy of John O’Neill.

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