RoboSlam T-Shirt

Damon and I travel to Cork tomorrow for the Discovery 2013 Science Festival. We’re going there to tell people about RoboSlam and hopefully connect with some future collaborators. We’re bringing a couple of RoboSlam robots and some flyers, but we decided to pop around the corner to Camden Clothing to get T-shirts printed too.

RoboSlam T-shirt for Cork Discovery 2013 Science Festival

The robot image is actually one of John McGrory’s photos from last year’s DIT RoboSumo tournament (Thanks John!). The robot, “Alfie”, was created by team captain Shane Murray, together with team mates Fatmah Jawli and Ramon Nieto Benayas. You can read more about Alfie’s design and construction on Shane’s RoboSumo blog. Thanks Shane – the robot looks great!

The idea of the T-shirt is to promote the principle of using ultra low cost robots as a vehicle for STEM learning. Damon and I conceived RoboSlam as a way of trying to package the magic we see every year in our undergraduate RoboSumo module, so that we could bring it to a wider audience. Our undergrad RoboSumo teams work within an extrememly tight budget so, like Alfie, most of the robots combine low cost electronic components with assorted scavenged materials. The use of cheap materials means everyone can get plenty of hands-on experience. The best part is that the learning achieved per euro of materials is sky high!

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