DT097 RoboSlam Photos and Videos

For the last couple of years, DIT has offered a common first year engineering programme for students who prefer to wait until second year to specialise in a particular branch (electrical, electronic, mechanical, etc). This is useful if you’re interested in engineering but want to find out more about each discipline before committing to one. It’s been a fantastic success so far and Damon and I are fortunate to be involved in delivering the part of the programme that takes place here in the Kevin St campus. This year’s class are as friendly as they are talented, so we’re really enjoying working with them.

DT097.1 group A showing off their RoboSlam robots.

DT097.1 group A showing off their RoboSlam robots.

Damon’s group spent the last couple of classes building RoboSlam robots. They were just putting the finishing touches to them today when I dropped in to take a look. Several students were kind enough to share their photos and videos with me so that I could post them here. Thanks everybody!

There were videos too. This one is by Claragh Patton Kelly and Juliana Cummins. You can see their robot reliably tracking the edge of the RoboSumo arena using its infrared colour sensor. Whenever the robot detects the white edge of the arena it lights its LED and stops the right motor which causes the robot to turn to the right.

This one shows Abdul Basit’s robot doing the same thing.

The award for the shortest video went to Michael Donohue 😉

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3 Responses to DT097 RoboSlam Photos and Videos

  1. What high-end wheels! That’s a lot of robot for ten or so Euro….


    • batchloaf says:

      Unfortunately, these wheels aren’t part of our 10 euro kit. We borrowed these from some other robot sets we had lying around the school because they fitted our RoboSlam motors perfectly. As it turns out, these wheels are actually quite slippy on most hard surfaces, so most participants in today’s session wrapped rubber bands around them to give them extra traction (which worked really well).

      We’re still on the lookout for the perfect ultra low cost wheel solution for the standard 10 euro kit. For a couple of euro extra we could include something like the ones we used today, but we’d really like to find something that doesn’t require raising the budget at all!


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