RoboSlam Ratings

Two students testing the performance of their robots.

Two students testing the performance of their robots.

The coordinator of the overall “Engineering your Future” event at DIT sent the following letter to all of the people involved in facilitating Tuesday’s RoboSlam (Damon, Ted, Emma, Frank, Finbarr, Richard, Ruth, Mick, Colm, John, Dave, and me).

She said I was welcome to share it:

Dear All,

I’d like to express my appreciation to all of you for the fantastic work you put in to making the Roboslam activity such a success last week.

Thirty-seven Transition Year students took part in the Engineering Your Future programme and the Roboslam activity on Tuesday was a major highlight of their week. In fact, in the survey I conducted at the end, 61.8% of 34 participants said it was ‘excellent’ and 35.3% said it was ‘very good’. One student said it was ‘good’ (2.9%) and that was the lowest score Roboslam got. It even beat Wednesday’s visit to the Aviva Stadium which, in the week of the Heineken Cup, is saying something! A whopping 67.6% of participants said it was their favourite on-campus activity and, interestingly,  11 students now say that electronic engineering would be their preferred choice of engineering discipline, up from 8 students at the start of the week (no one selected electrical engineering as a choice at the end of the week but 3 said they would have selected it before the week (?))

I’ll be writing a report for the sponsors of the event, Engineers Ireland/STEPS,  and giving them details of these statistics and the number of colleagues involved in making the week the success it has been. Of course, the problem with being so successful is that you’ll probably be asked to do it all over again next year!

Many thanks again.

Best wishes,



Dr Susan O’Shaughnessy

Promotions and Recruitment Officer

College of Engineering and Built Environment

Dublin Institute of Technology

Bolton Street

Dublin 1


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Shannon Chance, PhD, LEED-AP, Registered Architect Marie Curie Research Fellow at Dublin Institute of Technology
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