Starting with Circuitry

May 2013 RoboSlam

May 2013 RoboSlam

RoboSlam starts with an introduction to the overall robot-building process and then delves into assembling the electronic components (i.e., building the circuitry).  The photos below track the progress of several groups of participants in the “Engineering Your Future” event held the week of May 13-17 at DIT.

These photos were all taken by DIT’s current Fulbright Scholar in Engineering Education, Dr. Shannon Chance.  Participants are welcome to download them and share them with others.  Shannon will post images of the rest of the week in the days to come….

About shannonchance

Shannon Chance, PhD, LEED-AP, Registered Architect Lecturer and Programme Chair (BSc in BIM) at Technological University Dublin Visiting Professor at University College London
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  1. batchloaf says:

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    We ran a great RoboSlam robot-building workshop in DIT Kevin St last Tuesday (followed by some related events in DIT Bolton St later in the week). Shannon Chance, who is the research PI on the RoboSlam project, got loads of great photos and has started posting about it on the RoboSlam blog and her own blog.


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