Many hands make light work

When Damon and I created RoboSlam, our goal was to design a workshop that’s easy for other people to run without much special equipment, using only off-the-shelf components and materials. Ideally, we’d like it to be possible to just order the a list of parts online at low cost and get up and running without much difficulty. However, we’re not quite there yet! Although we’ve streamlined the workshop considerably over the last couple of iterations, the current version still requires quite a bit of preparatory work if there are more than a handful of participants. We have 40 transition year students taking part in our workshop tomorrow, so there was a lot chopping, wire-stripping, soldering, etc to be done over the last couple of days to produce 40 robot kits. Fortunately, we had a team of highly skilled volunteers on hand to share the work. There was even a bit of craic to be had while we worked.

The photos below show Emma Robinson, Richard Hayes, John McGrory and Michael Core hard at work. Frank Duignan, Finbarr O’Meara and David Dorran also provided invaluable assistance. Thanks very much to all who helped!

RoboSlam volunteers preparing kits

RoboSlam volunteers preparing kits

Our colleagues in Bolton St (Kevin Delaney and Ger Reilly) have also been busy preparing the mechanical body of the robot. Kevin came up with a wonderful design for the chassis and wheels using laser cut plastic sheets. Ger sent the box of pre-cut parts over to us in Kevin St today and it looks absolutely great.

You can get a sense of what the robots will be like from this short video of our first prototype for this workshop.

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